When it comes to your website, there could be many factors why conversions aren’t happening but typically they fall into two categories, high traffic, low conversion or low traffic, low conversions. You could spend more money to drive more traffic and increase your sales or conversions but you may not need to. The problem can be with the site itself. If your knee jerk reaction is that you should spend more money driving traffic, you could be spending money on the wrong thing. Why not put that money to good use and test your options before you make the final decision. That is the benefit of A/B testing.

We start testing once we have a month’s worth of data. Once we develop the variants to test, we monitor and we test the different variations. We set up heatmaps, scroll maps and mouse tracking to track the visitors and better understand how your site is being used. We use this data to make design tweaks and in the end, make your investment work better for you.

We will monitor the campaign on a weekly basis. At the end of each month, you will receive a written report. A typical report will include month over month comparison of impressions, clicks, website traffic reports, the flow of visitors from the page, as well as heat and scroll maps. This is a better use of your money and time.