Our SEO services focus on identifying how potential customers are searching for your products or services and capitalizing on that.

With billions of searches per day, it is no surprise that businesses need to appear at the top of the page. We, as searchers, will typically click on the first or second result. With an average of 10 spots on the first page, the competition to appear on the first page can be fierce. SEO in digital marketing will give your business the best chance to appear on the first page.

It is about finding the right keywords for your business.

At Migman Media, we research to find the search terms that will give you the maximum impact for your business. Then strategically choose words that will provide you with the best placement and most impact. We also continually update your website to optimize for those search terms.

Improving local search listing’s SEO

One of the critical aspects of optimizing your website, particularly for small businesses, is appearing on the map at the top of the search page. We update your website and various business listing sites, including Google My Business, to make sure you appear consistently no matter where people search for your business. It’s this consistency that helps your website appear higher in local searches.

SEO for better conversions

Because there can be many different entrance points to your site, our implementation process goes beyond just the homepage. We optimize the pages on your website site that will have the most significant impact on your business.

Learn how an SEO Strategy developed by Migman Media can have a positive impact on your bottom line