Resistance Spot Welding
July 24, 2018

E&K Insurance Group wanted to improve the number of form inquiries they receive from their website.

The Problem

Before we began the redesign we did some usability testing. The usability tests allowed us to see how users were interacting with the website in their natural environment. This helped us to pinpoint what resonated well and uncover any confusion your users are experiencing with the website. Participants will spent between 15-30 minutes and completed 3-5 tasks per test. Video recordings were provided so we could observe and analyze how users navigate the E&K website.

In the previous version of the site, each insurance product had a page but the form was on a separate page. In some cases the visitor had to click three or four times to get to a quote form. There was also no consistency in the layout of the pages.

The Solution

As a result of our findings, we combined the landing pages with the forms. We reduced the number of clicks a visitor needs to make to get to the form. We also added a section that outlined what happens when a quote request is submitted to educate the visitor that E&K sent out their request to different insurance carriers to get the most competitive price.

Based on user feedback, we updated the navigation by changing some of the wording to make it more clear where the link will go. Also based on that feedback, we made a clear delineation where to go for personal and commercial insurance.

We simplified the homepage because we found that most of the users we tested, used the homepage as a jumping off point. Using this information, we organized the links to the products and made them more visible. We also moved the newer testimonials to the homepage to offer some social proof of the quality of their work.