Atlantic Builders Convention
July 12, 2018

RU Living wanted a means to manage their rental properties online. The project involved updating rental status as well as being able to update features, images and rent for each unit.

The Problem

There were a few parameters that needed to be met for this project to be successful. The property information needed to be easily updated by the client without any knowledge of HTML. Images need to be added easily as well. The client also wanted a page where all the properties could be listed and sorted by several different criteria including how many students each until slept, rent per person and availability to name a few.

The Solution

Because we wanted the ability to sort by any of the criteria on the property listing, we created a custom data entry form in the Dashboard to enter and update the information for each of the properties. From this information, we created a custom detail page that dynamically adds the features of the property, a Google map and slideshow of images.

For the slideshow, we were able to use plugin called Slider Revolution because Slider Revolution has the ability to be called from a PHP function. Using that ability, we were able to create slideshows easily for each property and dynamically add them to the detail page. 

Because our audience would be college students, we knew that their primary device would be a phone. We made sure that the mobile experience was optimized for the smaller screen. This was very important considering the amount of information needed to be displayed for each property. One thing we considered for the property listing page was to present only the necessary information needed to make a decision to explore the property further so we eliminated as many columns as we could on a mobile device.