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July 12, 2018
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July 13, 2018

SAT ACT Success wanted an online platform created for students who wanted to increase their SAT and ACT test scores. The platform would have a number of drills as well as mini-tests and a full ACT test.

The Problem

Because of the unique nature of the College Board tests, we had to create a custom platform to simulate the testing experience but still be empathetic to the fact the user will be on a computer. Another hurdle we had to overcome was that some of the math and science questions involved scientific notation which doesn't display naturally in HTML. We also needed to create a system for adding and updating test questions easily as well as a scoring mechanism for each of the tests. Each test would also have a video tutorial that a user can review whether or not they got the question wrong. 

The English and Science answer key is A,B,C,D for odd numbers and F,G,H,J for even numbers. To keep the test consistent with a real ACT test we had to emulate that format. The Math and Reading have a regular A,B,C,D for each question however, Math had a fifth choice that needed to be added as well. The student would take the full section and then learn how they did. The final page would have their answer as well as the right answer and a link to open up the video tutorial.

For their Skill Drills, the testing method needed to be different as this section required there to be immediate feedback for the answer. For these tests, the user would answer the question then the right answer would be displayed with the tutorial. Then they can move on to the next drill for that section.

We also had to take into account that the client also wanted to have the testing platform as a subscription based service. 

The Solution

We installed a plugin called Paid Membership Pro to handle the subscription service and blocking of the pages from non-members that was the easy part. The more challenging part was creating the different testing formats on the site. For example, on the full ACT test there is Math, Reading, English and Science. Each test section is slightly different. 

We had to custom code the various testing mechanisms. We also used CSS to format the test questions to appear as they would on the test. This was particularly important for the Reading sections of the test as the lines had to be numbered every fifth line.

Each question has to not only have an answer associated with it but a video tutorial as well. We created a database with an upload function in the Dashboard to easily update the questions and answers. We also used a shared Google Sheet as the main conduit between the client and the database. Once the questions and answers are uploaded the site pulls all the different information together based on the test number and question number.