We are problem solvers. It’s these challenges and finding the solutions to them that make work fun. It is also why many of our clients were referred to us.

Sometimes when you look at a website or anything that was built, you don’t know the story behind it. What were the challenges, the technical hurdles, etc? You only get to see the finished product. It’s that story that makes the final product much more interesting.

Atlantic Builders Convention
The Atlantic Builders Convention wanted to be able to display a floorplan on their convention website that reflected booth occupancy in real time.

Weight★No★More Diet Center
Weight★No★More Diet Center wanted a customized redesign solution for their website that included amongst the functionality, the ability to post and categorize recipes for their clients as well as an online weight loss diary form that mimicked their paper diary form.

SAT ACT Success
SAT ACT Success wanted an online platform created for students who wanted to increase their SAT and ACT test scores. The platform would have a number of drills as well as mini-tests and a full ACT test.

RU Living
RU Living wanted a means to manage their rental properties online. The project involved updating rental status as well as being able to update features, images and rent for each unit.

The Jefferies Store
I was hired to put together an online store for the employees of Jefferies Group, LLC. This store was for employees to purchase logo merchandise for themselves or for tradeshows and expos.