Interviews with Owners, Employees and Customers

Understanding your goals is a critical part of your strategy’s success. One of the first tasks we take on is educating ourselves about the different aspects of your business. We want to learn what you and your employees are hearing from your customers. Then we ask your customers about what they like and dislike about your business.

The information we gather plays a critical part in determining if your message is resonating with your target customer or whether we need to take steps in redefining your message.

Current Website Evaluation

Looking at your website with a critical eye is not about selling you on creating a new website. It is more about improving the user experience of your website. We break down our evaluation into four categories: accessibility, identity, navigation and content. Improvements to these four aspects of your website increases usability and provides a better user experience for your customers.

The finished website evaluation gives you a checklist of improvements that, in many cases, are easy to fix and can make a huge difference in your website’s success.

Current Strategy Audit

The Migman Media approach looks at every aspect of your strategy. We don’t just look at the aspects for which you are paying, for example, pay per click and social media ads, we evaluate other attributing factors such as social media engagement, your  reviews and testimonials, as well as any additional touch points, online and offline to determine your true cost per lead.

This audit can also guide us on additional opportunities where to focus our attention. We look to find new underserved market segments in which your product may be a good fit. Our goal is not to increase your advertising spending, but to better utilize it and make the same money more effective.

Competitor Analysis

Learning your competitor’s strategy is the equivalent of looking into the other team’s playbook. When we do our analysis we look at your competitor’s traffic, how they rank for certain keywords as well as their social media following but our analysis is more than just comparing numbers, our competitor analysis is designed to find the segments of your target audience where you can take advantage.

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