Monitoring and Testing

Even though your strategy is set, there is always the opportunity to improve it. Your business is constantly changing and a set it and forget it mentality with your digital marketing strategy is a recipe for failure. This is why managing digital marketing is essential for the continued success of your strategy.

We use a variety of techniques to monitor, test and improve your strategy as we move forward. Each one of these techniques provides you with tangible, measurable and actionable data. Our management goes beyond just looking at Google Analytics monthly. It manages and tests all your digital marketing activities and how they affect the media strategy.

Successful digital marketing campaigns rely on these techniques to optimize their marketing to achieve your set goal. Here are some of the techniques we use at Migman Media.

A/B Testing

What is A/B testing? A/B Testing is the technique of testing two different approaches against one another to see which one works better. In digital marketing, the tests can usually be run concurrently as there are plenty of platforms that support it. The important thing to note is that you can only test one thing at a time because if you try too many things at once, you’re not 100% sure which change made a difference. Our approach is from the outside in. 

We start with the traffic drivers, ads, social media posts, and any other content marketing we are using. Once we get the traffic moving, then we test the landing pages to increase conversions. One thing we don’t do is guess at what we are testing. We use what we are learning from heat mapping the page and tracking your conversions to make educated decisions on where the improvements should be.

Heat Mapping

What is heat mapping? Heat mapping is the technique of measuring where a visitor clicks on page. The closer to the color red, the more click there are in that particular spot. We use this technique in two ways.

The first way is to measure the effectiveness of buttons, call-to-actions, links or any other touch points on the page that are critical for conversions. We check to see if the visitor interaction is consistent what we intended it to be. If not, we A/B test to see how we can better control the visitor’s interactions.

The second way we use heat mapping is to check on how far down the visitor scrolls. This is very important particularly for a page that has lots of traffic but little conversions. We can start to adjust the page to encourage more scrolling. If needed, we can test different layouts to better optimize the performance of the page.

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is more than measuring user clicks or users clicking on the ad you placed. Because your customers take different paths to finally make a purchase or fill out a form, we collect and use that data to make decisions on where the best conversion rates are coming from. By taking the time to track your website visitors’ conversion data, your spending for digital marketing is more effective. 

Conversion tracking works best when it is set up based on the type of conversion path visitor takes and the ad or content they initially clicked on at the start of the path. We monitor the path to see where the visitor drops off in the journey and make changes to minimize the drop off. This is why we feel it is very important to set up conversion tracking to monitor the entire path not just the starting and ending points. 

Ultimately, you want your digital marketing strategy to produce business for you and with Migman Media managing digital marketing ,we can help increase conversions and reduce your cost per acquisition.