While Google AdWords is the industry standard for pay per click (PPC), advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be more cost-effective and more targeted. This is the reason, in many cases, we recommend using social media advertising. Why use social media advertising over Google AdWords?

With social media advertising, we can target geography as well as marital status, gender, habits and behaviors. This means we can pinpoint your audience and serve your message directly as opposed to waiting for them to search for you. You can also spend less per lead than you would with Google AdWords. 

Once we develop your campaign, we monitor and we test different variations to make sure we are getting the best return on your investment. We set up various A/B tests (testing one version versus a different version), heatmaps and scroll maps to track the visitors and better understand how your site is being used. We use this data to make design tweaks to the campaign and in the end, make your investment work better for you.