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Michael Bellina

Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

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At Migman Media, our culture is about passion for your business and your success. That means we take the time to listen and learn about your products/services, customers, and goals. Our strategy is based on the mutual collaboration of both our teams. The latter will create a customized, unique concept that elevates your brand online.  We work closely with you to ensure that your goals are met from inception to design and implementation.

Working with Migman Media is a different experience and a breath of fresh air.

Migman Media Strategies

Your Search Results

The key to an effective SEO strategy for your business is fresh and unique content that talks simply to your target audience. Our copywriting team will produce unique content that relates to your industry and services, your main town, and sub-towns in your geographic area. We will then incorporate that fresh content into the website with proper on-page optimization.

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Your Pay-Per-Click Strategy

There are few things more powerful than the combination of effective design, strong copy, SEO, and Google AdWords. Let’s face it, you want high-quality leads consistently, and you need results sooner than later. By rolling out an effective pay-per-click campaign, we can start to generate highly qualified leads right out of the gates as soon as your new website is complete.

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Your Website

Our program starts with the foundation of your Internet marketing strategy, what your online presence means to you and how it will help you reach your growth stage. It is essential when designing your website to take into consideration the essential goal of converting visitors to callers. We will develop and roll out a new and improved version of your website that is fast, user-friendly, mobile responsive, and optimized for both SEO & Conversion.

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About Migman Media Founder, Michael Bellina

Michael Bellina has spent more than 28 years successfully developing, building, and promoting websites.

He started his career in 1993 at Imagemaker Associates, where he worked for 15 years creating and overseeing ads, brochures, websites, and other marketing materials mainly for the building industry.

In 2008, Michael joined the New Jersey Builders Association and was in charge of their overall marketing, website development, and maintenance. In 2013, Michael started Migman Media to provide website and marketing services to his local community. 

Migman Media is your one-stop shop for the online needs of small businesses, from creating your website to promoting your product/service through SEO and Digital Marketing.