A podcast on tips to help you make better decisions with your digital marketing strategy.

Presented by Michael Bellina, owner of Migman Media.


Quick Tip 54: How to Get Your PPC Ad at the Top of the Page More Often

In my experience, this change in strategy will help you have your ad seen more often at the top of the search results.

Quick Tip 53: How to Lower Your Google Ads Cost Per Click

These small tweaks to your search keywords will help your ad budget go further.

Quick Tip 52: 5 Tips to Improve Your Landing Pages

Maybe it’s your landing page that’s the problem. Some ideas to try if your landing page isn’t converting as you had hoped.

Quick Tip 51: How Much Should I Budget for Google Ads?

Some simple math. (I know. I promised no math, but I have to make an exception.)

Quick Tip 50: What is Google’s Helpful Content Update?

If you are just writing content for SEO, you’re busted!

Quick Tip 49: What is difference between SEO and digital marketing?

In this episode, I explain the differences between SEO and digital marketing and how they work together to promote your business.

Quick Tip 48: Is SEO a Waste of Money?

I swear I don’t say “it depends.” In this episode, I take a side and give you my opinion on whether SEO is a waste of money.

Quick Tip 47: “Should I Be Spending Money Updating My Website or Starting Over?”

My answer to the age-old question, “Should I do SEO or Pay Per Click?”

Quick Tip 46: What’s Better for Your Business? SEO or Pay Per Click Advertising?

My answer to the age-old question, “Should I do SEO or Pay Per Click?”

Quick Tip 45: Stop Making Knee Jerk Reactions with Your Digital Marketing!

Stop taking one step forward and two steps back. Instead, use these tips to get better results with your digital marketing.

Quick Tip 44: How to Waste Money Doing Pay Per Click

If you are doing this with your pay-per-click campaign, you are spending a lot of money on wasted click-throughs. So instead, follow my advice in this episode for better ROI.

Quick Tip 43: What’s More Effective: Local or Content SEO?

If you are starting a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, which is the best way to go? Should you focus on getting more local traffic or focus on creating more content? Learn the pros and cons of both in this episode of MMM Quick Tips.

Quick Tip 42: Open Rates for Email is Misleading You. Focus on This Instead

If you are relying on the open rates for email campaigns to be a measure of success, you are focusing on the wrong metric. Learn what to focus on instead in this episode of MMM Quick Tips.

Quick Tip 41: The Top Tips to Improve Landing Pages That You May Have Not Considered

Consider these top tips to improve landing pages. Many overlook these tips and it could be costing you conversions. Learn about it in this episode of MMM Quick Tips.

Quick Tip 40: The Most Important Question to Ask Your Website Designer and Why?

What is the right question to ask your website designer? It’s not about price. It’s something you may not have thought about. Learn what it is in this episode of MMM Quick Tips.

Quick Tip 39: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Website Redesign

Before you start your website redesign, ask yourself why you are redesigning in the first place using these five questions. Learn more in this episode of MMM Quick Tips.