What’s a Migman?

Migman is actually my son’s nickname that I gave him when he was a toddler. How did I come up with that? The story goes like this. 

When he was an infant, we would put him in a bassinet in our living room and I would stand over him and in my best Don Corleone imitation I would say to him, “Miggityghoul why are you so cute?” Well my wife could not get Miggityghoul out, she got caught on all the “g”s. So eventually, I shortened it to Mig than added “man” when he was a toddler for no apparent reason other than I wanted to say a second syllable. Here’s why I named the company after him.

Back in 2006, I needed to form a corporation and a holding company for real estate for a deal I was working on. So I named the corporation after my wife’s nickname and the real estate LLC after my son’s nickname. The deal fell through and I dissolved the corporation but I kept the LLC because when I had mentioned it to my son that I was forming this company and naming it after him, his eyes lit up, looked up at me and said, “I’m going to be famous!” Needless to say I didn’t have the heart to dissolve the LLC, so I kept it. 

A few years later when I started freelancing, I wanted to form an LLC for the business. I remembered that I had an LLC and I remembered my son’s reaction, so I changed the name of the LLC from Migman Real Estate, LLC to Migman Media. I chose “media” because at the time I was doing photography, video and web. Today the focus of Migman Media is building better sites for better business. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to research, to understand, to learn and to collaborate with our clients and their customers resulting in more engaging, goal-driven websites their customers want to use and help their businesses prosper online.

Our Core Value

We strive to put users first whether it is our users, our clients, or your users, your customers. It is these users that make our businesses successful. We seek to find the intersection of the needs you users seek and the needs of your business then implement the results into our projects. Finally, we encourage collaboration both within our company and more importantly with our clients. It’s these contributions from many different points of view make project more customer centric and in the end, more successful.

Michael Bellina, Founder, User Experience Strategist

Michael Bellina - eCommerce Website DesignerI love sharing what I have learned over the years with other people. I am inspired by the challenges that come with solving new problems and learning new things. Whether it is technical or not, I look forward to the opportunity to share that knowledge.

I have spent over twenty years developing websites. I have seen technologies come and go and have developed in all of them. I am not afraid to try new things if I believe it will benefit my clients in the long run.

I am passionate about my client’s success. I take a sense of ownership in each project and feel it is my responsibility to help it succeed. I believe that solving these business issues helps business people sleep better at night.