Migman Media was founded on the idea of engaging clients and their customers to build better websites. We believe that your business is unique and has unique issues that need their own solution. Trying to fit these issues into a “one size fits all” approach can do more harm than good.

We focus on small, busy shop owners that need to increase their online revenue providing custom designed solutions based on user research and interaction.

Many websites don’t have a traffic issue they have a conversion issue. Think about it, around 90% of your website visitors don’t make a purchase or make contact with you. What are the roadblocks that stop them?

We help to identify those roadblocks by studying HOW visitors use your site. Through careful analysis of visitor interactions, we make suggestions on improvements that can be made to increase the number of visitors that become customers.

Whether you have an existing site or you are developing a new one, we identify what will make your website a better experience for your visitors and better visitor experiences lead to more sales.

Contact us to learn how we can increase your website revenue without increasing your marketing budget.

About Michael Bellina, Founder and Managing Partner

Michael Bellina - eCommerce Website DesignerI love sharing what I have learned over the years with other people. I am inspired by the challenges that come with solving new problems and learning new things. Whether it is technical or not, I look forward to the opportunity to share that knowledge.

I have spent over twenty years developing websites. I have seen technologies come and go and have developed in all of them. I am not afraid to try new things if I believe it will benefit my clients in the long run.

I am passionate about my client’s success. I take a sense of ownership in each project and feel it is my responsibility to help it succeed. I believe that solving these business issues helps business people sleep better at night.