Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Website development and SEO ranking take time. However, by creating a pay-per-click marketing strategy and a corresponding landing page, we can start driving targeted traffic and generating new leads in the first couple of weeks.

Pay per click marketing strategy

What We Do For You

We create a pay-per-click marketing strategy of targeted search terms to drive traffic to landing pages to generate a consistent flow of calls and leads. 

We also implement a CallRail subscription to track phone calls from the website and other online marketing platforms. Using CallRail, a phone call tracking software establishes an ROI for marketing by learning which platform drives more calls.

Every month, we meet to share analytics reports showing the spending on ads, traffic, and conversions, giving you an overview of the success of our work.

We also strategize for the next 30, 60, and 90 days to ensure a continual flow of leads and opportunities for your company.

Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Management includes:

Setting up the ads

Selecting proper keywords


Tracking and Measure

$450 per month

(Does not include a suggested ad budget of $300 per month.)

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