What Makes Us Different?

Our approach to website design is unique in that we don’t start with a design but rather we start with research. The result of our research will give you a better understanding of your visitors and what will motivate them to act. Once you understand your visitors better, the design of your website will be better as well. Our belief is that designing for your visitor’s needs will result in higher revenue from your website.

A visitor-centric design will give you:

  • Less visitors leaving your site without clicking anything (Bounce Rate)
  • More return visits from customers
  • Higher conversion rates and repeat sales

Our Process

Planning & Discovery

In this phase, we ask lots of questions. We dig deep. We want to understand how the success of this website affects your business. In this phase, we start to develop a site map for the site. Doing a sitemap will help organize all the content that will be incorporated into the site. Your feedback on this important phase is key to developing a successful strategy because this strategy is the foundation that the rest of the project is based.


Once we get a better understanding of the direction we will take, we can start to build personas of your clients. Based on these personas, we develop scenarios of the mental state of these personas when they visit the site. Once we determine the actions of these personas, we can start to develop the flow of the page layouts. Wireframes are then created to determine the position of the header, footer, navigation, images and text. These are not designs. We present wireframes to you before we start designing to be able to make changes quickly to the layout of the page.

Design & Development

This phase is where the site takes shape. We present PDF, full-color drafts of the layout based on the wireframes for you to review and give feedback. Once the design is approved, we start building the pages of the site.

We submit a working website for your review. It will not be live yet as we build our websites on a development server. This gives you an opportunity to review how the site works and provide us feedback on the site without interfering with a current site.

An Emphasis on Mobile Website Design

There is no doubt that our cell phones are an integral part of our lives. If you don’t believe me, try going a day without it. It would be easy for us to just rely on a responsive design but we have found through our research that a well planned mobile website design can both decrease frustration and increase your bottom line. This is why we plan the visitor’s mobile experience as well. We feel it is just as important, if not more important, than the desktop design. It is this special emphasis that will help increase the conversions from your website. 

Post Launch

Once the site is launched, we install Google Analytics to track visits and set up access for you to view the stats on the site. We also set up access to the administration dashboard of the site to perform updates. 

This whole process should take four to six weeks from beginning to end. Typically, we give you a week to review the different development stages.