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December 15, 2014
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One of the Best Monitoring Dashboards I Have Ever Seen

I love dashboards. I love to have a quick view of statistics for all the things I have to monitor. To this point I have never found one that had everything together on one screen until I found Cyfe (www.cyfe.com)

Cyfe describes itself as “a business dashboard app that helps you monitor all of your business data from one place.” I describe it as a time saver and a godsend. Let me explain.

When I monitor SEO work I do for my clients, I used to have three or four tabs open in Chrome and have to aggregate the stats into one report. Now I log into Cyfe and I can see all the statistics on one screen. The best part is I can share the stats with my clients as a dashboard or I can export the reports in a variety of formats.

The way it works is you start with a blank dashboard and you start to add monitoring “widgets”. The widgets can be websites like Google Analytics, Moz, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, PayPay or Instagram just to name a few. They have sixty-six listed on their homepage but they are always adding more. You can create dashboards for Project Management, Client Monitoring, Finance monitoring and so much more. Really, whatever you dream up. Another bonus with Cyfe is that they store historical data which means you can see past performance.

Overall I love this product but I do have some some things I would add to my wishlist. For example, there is no way to duplicate a widget. I have a dashboard that monitors a bunch of my SEO clients web statistics. When I set it up, I had to add a widget and reconfigure it each time. It would have been so much easier if I could just change one field. However, they allow you to duplicate an entire dashboard which is great as I bring on new accounts, I can easily add their monitoring dashboard.

Another wishlist item is a native mobile app. Yes the site is mobile responsive which is great for viewing but if I wanted to add a widget from a mobile browser, I can, but I can’t move it into the spot I want it to go. Not a deal breaker but I often do work on my iPad and it would help as I have a brainstorm to be able to work on it rather than waiting until I get back to my computer.

I really hesitate to fall in love with online apps because many times I’ve been burned with the apologetic email that they are shutting down. This one is perfect for me, my soul mate app so to speak. I couldn’t help myself.

The price is right as well. It has a limited free account with only allows five widgets but the “go crazy with widgets” paid version is only $19 per month or $168 per year. For the amount of flexibility you get, it is well worth the price.

Quite frankly, I can’t remember where or how I found this app. Maybe it was truly a godsend. Anyway, here’s my suggestion is to give it a try with the free account. If you are like me you’ll soon realize that five widgets is not enough.