Taking Advantage of the Long Tail in SEO
October 20, 2015
Why is content marketing important?
Why is Content Marketing Important?
April 13, 2016
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SEO is Not a Sprint but a Marathon

When people ask me about SEO they want to know if I can do it. Sure, I say but, there is always a caveat. SEO for your site has to be something that YOU do. Let me explain.

We can fill your site with optimized content based on the subject of the page and make sure your META tags are correct and add a sitemap for good measure. BAM! SEO is finished! Let me send you a bill. UM, NO.

This procedure may be a short term solution but what happens next week when your competition steals your META data and is now ranked higher than you. What? It could happen. This is why SEO should be considered a marathon. Perhaps even a never ending process that will continue as long as you have a website.

Think about you and your business. Is it always the same day after day? Are you learning new things? Are you an expert in your chosen field? Do you want to be perceived as one? What advice do you offer your customers? All these can be converted easily to website content.

The idea is to have others find what you say as interesting and link or recommend it to friends and colleagues. We all get e-newsletters. I’m sure that there is a nugget of information that you read in each one. Be that nugget of information for your industry. Links to your content from other sources, especially high ranking sources, can do more for your SEO than hours of content reformatting. (And much more interesting) This is also where the power of social media comes in. Post content on your site and THEN post it on social media for your followers to click back to your site.

This is just a starting point. Most of all, be interesting. Make people like you. Rock the web!