Search Engine Optimization


What is a winning strategy for SEO?

SEO has several components. The first is your business location on the map at the top of the page then your ranking in the search below that map. What is overlooked at times is how you are perceived by those who are searching for you. For example, your reviews, testimonials and how your appear on other sites. These other factors all contribute to your online reputation.

Because we take a more holistic approach, we make sure your listings on directory sites are consistent, your Google Business Page is up to date and monitor how your competition ranks on selected search terms. All this, plus, keeping your site optimized using white-hat optimization techniques. This means that you won’t get penalized by Google and lose your page rank.

SEO is just one of the many tools we use to generate more leads for your business. SEO used in combination with other aspects of digital marketing gives your company a well rounded, omnipresent marketing strategy.