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September 20, 2018
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How Are You Measuring, “I want the phone to ring”?

If your goal is “I want the phone to ring,” how are you measuring it? Asking the person on the phone may work, but if the answer is “Google,” what does that mean? Does it mean they found you on AdWords, search, or Google My Business? What search term did they use to find you? Are you even sure they saw you on Google? In order to really track if a campaign is working or if your investment in advertising is successful, you must have the tools in place not only to measure the results, but also measure how they got there. Learning how to properly set up Google Analytics is important.

I wrote an article about the Three Most Important Features of Google Analytics, and in that article I talk about not only looking at the standard visitor tables for information but to dig deeper and look at the User Flow report. In this report, you will see just how deep into the site your visitors travel. It will show you where the entrance points are as well. Remember that not all visits to your site start on the homepage.

Getting back to “I want the phone to ring,” if you are relying on someone to pick up the phone to contact you, setting up a separate phone number for your campaigns is the best way to really track what is working. A service like Call Rail works great and it also integrates with Google Analytics. If you are using AdWords to drive traffic, you can also set up an AdWords extension for phone number clicks.

Facebook also has that ability to track phone calls in their ads. They use a different approach as they let you define a call to action and you can choose a call as opposed to visit your website. Unfortunately, they only allow one choice for their call to action.

The important takeaway is that when you have a goal for your marketing whether it is making the phone ring or some other call to action, you need to set up the proper tracking to measure if you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars. If you want to be sure that your Google Analytics is set up correctly, reach out and I would be glad to take a look to see if you are set up properly to track your marketing efforts.